Do you know the concept of Economy? Yes, the concept of the Economics (or Economics) discipline. The most simplistic definition is as follows:

“The study of how people and society decide to employ scarce resources.”

And nothing better translates the day-to-day life of a novice entrepreneur than the above sentence, after all, their resources are scarcer than ever and it is necessary to take very good decisions to reduce the risk of going broke and being part of the statistics.

That’s why I decided to compile the main products and services that you can hire if you are starting now or want to scale up.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to hire them all at once (the ideal scenario), so the step-by-step for you, reader, is as follows:

  1. Read the article;
  2. Reflect on your team’s strengths and weaknesses today;
  3. Define which services can generate the greatest benefit for you, complementing existing strengths;
  4. Move (forward, please)!

Let’s start?

Perfect your company’s visual identity

Of so many things you need to worry about when starting a business, the first one will always be choosing a name. It sounds easy, but anyone who has tried it has realized that it’s no cakewalk to be creative and find a name that doesn’t exist yet. And the logo? Choice of colors and typography? And since it’s all about getting things right, you’re going to need a business card, website, social media artwork, a folder, email marketing… who’s going to do it all?

How important is all this? Before long, you realize that your brand is your potential customer’s first impression. If he judges you for a bad job, your sale will definitely lose value, so it’s better to invest a little and get the right message across!

The We Logos, the largest site of creative competition in Latin America; it works like this: you enter the site and place your order for communication material, explaining what you want and setting a price. Within 24 hours, the designers registered on the site start sending you dozens of proposals for that material for you to analyze and ask for adjustments until you get the result you expect and choose the best one for your company. It is a fast and very economical way to get all the design solutions you are looking for. Oh, and if you don’t like any proposal submitted, get your money back! They already have more than 35 000 satisfied customers, it’s no small thing, right?

More agility with Online Accounting

Opening a company in Brazil today is extremely bureaucratic, expensive and time-consuming. Brazil, unfortunately, is one of the worst in the world in terms of statistics when it comes to opening or closing a business.

Let’s not lie. I suffer from it, you also suffer or will suffer, I assure you. And it’s no use selling well or providing great services if you’re not legal. In the end, I’m sure the State will guarantee that you return with all the correctness possible what you didn’t pay for ignorance!

It’s even worse if you accidentally pay more than you should. With the wrong orientation, you stop investing in your growth to give money to those who don’t give back much…

It was precisely thinking about how to facilitate this whole process before and after the opening that Conube was created. Conube is an Online Accounting focused on service providers and has become one of the references in the sector in Brazil. Through a totally intuitive platform, the user can issue electronic invoices, register his service users, control his activities timeline and his tax payment calendar. You gain precious time from your daily life following your company’s accounting in a few clicks, all with the support of experienced accountants, who will also help you save on taxes.

Make Sales and Marketing Work Together

In times of crisis, there are only two types of companies: those that want to grow and those that need to reduce costs. Why not combine the two? We can safely say that today you are losing money with your current sales process.

We say this with assertiveness, as every sales process can and should be optimized on a daily basis. Do your sellers today use any methodology? How many calls are made on average for each customer? What are prospect emails like? Is there a follow-up? How and when are proposals submitted? Do you measure your conversion rate at each step of the sales funnel? There are too many questions and not enough time to answer them and start earning real money, isn’t it?

That’s why you can count on our consultancy here at Outbound Marketing like Blue World City, which will help you (through three simple steps: diagnosis, implementation and follow-up) to integrate the marketing and sales sectors, analyze the current panorama, draw a methodology and apply it so that your company can have a recurring, predictable revenue model and reach the scale you dream of!

Teach your target audience to scale

Nowadays, it is said that “marketing is not like it used to be”. Consumers are increasingly looking for information that will help them in their daily lives, they are no longer a news spectator and started looking for subjects that interest them.

If your company can offer this type of content to him, through various social platforms, in addition to blogs and newsletters, you will create a relationship of trust, in addition to being able to obtain data such as telephone and email. But do you have the time and conditions to search for and create this relevant and interesting content? How to engage your customers through good content then?

The Rock Content is the leader in content marketing in the Brazilian market. They help brands connect with their customers through appropriate content and corporate blogs. Through the consulting service, they build content strategies for clients that are executed by a team of thousands of professional freelance writers. They have a lot of free educational materials and always have an interesting blog post.

Serve your customers well with a good Help Desk

The vast majority of companies think they serve their customers well. There is really only way to “find it”, because these companies hardly measure the quality of service and when they do, they reach the conclusion that there is still a long way to go. I believe that with you it is no different, correct? In several places you must have already received a bad service as well as in others, a quality service.

And, speaking of customer satisfaction, we are talking about recurrence for startups or word of mouth, the most effective and cheapest way to scale. Will you risk making mistakes here?

So, to facilitate this relationship between business and consumer and provide a complete understanding of the entire process, Zendesk was created. Zendesk provides cloud software for customer requests and ticket management to bring organizations and customers closer together. With more than 60,000 companies in the portfolio, its products are used by organizations in over 150 countries to provide support in more than 40 languages.

Is it time to create your Online Store?

When your company starts to grow, gain more customers, and there is some money left in the box, surely you think about making a website to become even better known, to expose your products, your brand and who knows, maybe you can sell online too, right?

If you answered yes, you need to know about Xtech Commerce. Xtech Commerce presents ways to solve the possible bottlenecks that may appear between the creation and operation of a virtual store. It is a platform that offers affordable prices, integration with ERPs for optimized management and partnerships with major internet players, such as Mercado Livre, Walmart and, for example. These are features and advantages that are part of a true ecosystem designed for the success of those who choose this e-commerce platform. All this is still done for free and you only pay a small monthly fee!

Organize your sales the right way

Do you still control everything in excel? Still having trouble exporting reports or following up with your client because your notes get lost or you don’t remember to call? In fact, do you even use a sales system? Would you like to measure and control the results? If any of these problems are yours, then you need to know about Agedor, a web and mobile app that helps thousands of teams organize and increase sales daily. It is also highly recommend by the team of Capital Smart City.

With Agendador you can extract reports, make system updates online and offline, improve your sales funnel, improve your customer interaction and much more. Best of all, you can create a free account!

Diversify payment options

Another point that is often unclear is the choice of which payment method to use for your company. There’s always a concern about whether it’s reliable, whether they’re actually going to give you the money, or whether the fees aren’t too high. Besides, sometimes, it is not very clear if that means of payment is the best option for your type of business.

That’s why Moip was created, an ideal payment solution for ecommerce’s, marketplaces, recurring payments and in-person sales. It is an innovative solution that offers a lot of flexibility, with more than 15 possible payment methods, risk management tools and a simplified membership.

Keep an eye on cash flow

One of the most important functions in running a business is cash flow control. It is often not known how much you have to receive, how much you have to pay and what’s worse, when will be the receivables and salaries to be paid. As a result, many companies end up having to pay interest, take out loans or even go bankrupt. Has it ever occurred to you to have a grip that could have been predicted and worked out better?

With that in mind, Nibo was created. Nibo aims to help companies and accounting offices to organize and optimize their routines. Through a simple and intuitive platform, Nibo facilitates financial management, provides integration with accounting and simplifies manual processes. In addition, you can have a projection of your cash flow, issue invoices and bank slips as well!

Organize your projects

When your company reaches a more mature level or even at the beginning of operations, you will probably notice that the accumulation of activities will generate a huge amount of goals to reach and you end up running out of time to control everything correctly. If you’re going through this kind of situation, check out Project Builder. Project Builder developed a WEB software, aimed at managing an organization’s projects, programs and portfolios.

With Project Builder, you can manage your planning at a strategic, tactical and operational level. You are able to integrate the hierarchical levels of the company into a common objective (what we call “mission”), making clear the role and obligations of each one.

All this in a very simple way, in a system developed in WEB technology (access over the internet, from anywhere, at any time).

Understand your customer’s profile on the internet

Can you imagine you understand the behavior that your customer does before buying, the pages they visit, understand the best time to call them, create marketing emails, landing page templates and, on top of that, have a totally free crm?

The solution exists! From attracting visitors to acquiring customers, HubSpot consolidates its entire marketing funnel into one complete tool.

Rediscover customers who visited you

Do many people enter your site and don’t buy? Or worse, don’t even leave an email or phone number for contact? Unfortunately this is a very common situation on the vast majority of websites. Now imagine being able to communicate with all these people through a social network where they spend most of their time. That’s right you’re thinking!

The Social Miner , People of Marketing platform of E-Commerce Brazil turns visitors into a base of leads and automates ultra-personalized campaigns. They are pioneers in innovative channels like Facebook notifications. They can achieve +30% CTR and up to 4x more conversion with our smart algorithms.