Cats love to play and do it all their lives. For this reason, it is very important that you have plenty of cat toys that encourage this natural behavior. For cats that live alone, without other felines, or with owners who spend a lot of time away from home, toys play an even more important role.


The good news is that many can be made at home, with simple and inexpensive materials. After all, the guards on duty know that felines don’t need much to be happy. So, if you are in need of toy tips for your kittens, check out 45 super cool ideas for your pussy to have a lot of fun below.

1. Scratcher


The scraper is one of the most important toys for cats. After all, sharpening your nails is essential for the well-being of felines. There are many models of scrapers and they can be made with different materials, such as sisal, cardboard and some fabrics.

The vertical model, like the one in the photo, is one of the most functional, as kittens can scratch standing up and stretch. The taller ones are even nicer, they can also climb.

However, it is important to pay attention to the size of the scratcher, as it must be proportional to the size of your kitten. If your cat is large, you will need to use a scraper that is big and strong enough for it to stand firm and withstand the animal’s weight. It is also possible to put pendants and make the object even more attractive.

2. Tower


Cats are passionate about heights and love to climb on furniture and objects in the house. So, how about offering a special corner just for them? The so-called towers or houses with floors are also excellent toys for cats, as they can climb, play, exercise and even rest on heights.

Some towers also have scratchers, pendants and soft textures to increase the kittens’ joy and comfort. A good tip is to place them on porches, roofs, outdoor areas or near windows, so they can also watch the street and sunbathe, two other activities that cats love.


3. Walkthrough: Cat Wand

Wands are toys that are also very successful with felines, after all, they love hanging objects with flashy decoration along their length. This accessory is ideal for the owner to play with his pet, shaking the wand so that the kitten tries to catch.

4. Tunnel


Anyone who has cats knows that they love to burrow. Whether in a small gap at the end of the cover or in a small space between two pieces of furniture, if there is a passage, the cat wants to enter. To satiate this feline habit, there is the tunnel for cats, a toy made especially for them to pass back and forth.

In general, it has a cylindrical shape, is made of polyester and has an inner spring that, after being reinforced, makes the tunnel remain open. Some have the simplest shape, meaning they are long and straight. Others have forks that exit into another tunnel.

But, in addition to these models available on the market, you can also make a tunnel for your cat using cardboard boxes. Just gather at least 3 or 4 boxes and seal them so they don’t open in the middle of the game. Then just make a hole at both ends that is big enough for the cat to get through without squeezing.

5. Shelves on the wall


This is another option for kittens to delight in high places. Every gaiter knows that cats love climbing, and the shelves on the wall serve, precisely, as ladders for cats to explore the environments of the house and exercise. In addition to making the cat happy, this type of shelf also makes the decoration of the house super authentic and special.

It is a super simple and easy solution to be made, just install a reasonable amount of shelves on the wall, with distances that they can reach. Shelves can be arranged in different ways, depending on the creativity of each one.


But it is important to use strong and resistant materials to safely support the kittens’ weight. There are several models: simple shelves, ladder type, round, square, stylized, wooden, colored, etc. Some people even complement it with niches, also attached to the wall.

6. Step by step: cardboard box castle

If you like creative ideas, how about this super beautiful and sustainable castle? In this video, you tuber Jessika Tanagra teaches how to make this super fun toy for kittens.

The most interesting thing is that, in addition to using a recyclable material, it is ideal for felines as it is tall and has several passages for them to explore. For those who like to get their hands dirty or have a lot of cats at home, you can enjoy and build even more floors and extensions for the castle.

7. Mouse


Toy mice are also very successful. Cats are hunters by nature and, for this reason, it is very common to associate rats as one of their natural prey. Toys in this format come in different models: there are rubber, felt, sisal, cloth mice, with hanging feathers and even remote control mice. This is another option that you can buy at pet stores or make at home.

8. Massager


Those who have cats know that they love to rub their bodies on various furniture and objects in the house, including the legs of their owners, as a form of affection. In addition to showing affection, it also leaves their scent in the room to mark territory.

With that in mind, one of the toys that emerged was the massager. It is nothing more than a bow made with a brush for the kitten to pass underneath and, with that, massage and brush its body. The object also helps to remove loose hair, reduce shedding and avoid hairballs.


It is also possible to make a homemade version of this toy. You’ll need a wooden board to assemble the base and some rolls of bristles, which will be arc-shaped to the wood with hot glue. The problem is that these rollers are not very easy to find, so the other option is to use those longer toothbrushes, which are used to clean glasses and bottles. But beware: the bristles must be soft.

9. Walkthrough: Cabana-style house with scraper

For those who want to combine their kitten’s happiness with a beautiful decorative piece, this house is a great option! It is shaped like a cabin and is super stylish, contributing to the decoration of the house. This model also has an extra feature, which is the scraper on the side, so that your cat can also exercise and sharpen his nails.

10. Network


Cats can also play and enjoy a good nap in a comfortable and cozy hammock. One of the best known models is the one that is installed under furniture, especially chairs. There are several models in stores, but this is also a super easy piece to make at home.

For this, choose a resistant and beautiful fabric and fasten it under a chair or other furniture of your choice, tying it firmly to the legs of the furniture. You can also assemble a wooden frame to hold the fabric together and create a special corner just for them.

11. Grass


Grass is a great way to bring fun and health to your kitten. Cats tend to lick themselves a lot, so they end up ingesting a lot of hair, which can damage their digestive system, creating hairballs that make them vomit.

Grasses help to unclog the body and help to regulate the bowel naturally. In addition, cats also love playing with the grass, lying on top and, therefore, end up interacting more with nature. They can be purchased at pet stores or planted at home.

You can use grass like grass or other non-toxic plants. Popcorn corn grass is a favorite of kittens and is super simple to plant, just put the natural popcorn corn (not microwave) in a pot with fertilized soil and water it until it grows.

12. Step by step: three easy-to-make toys with string, fabric and Styrofoam

There’s nothing better than making toys for our cats with materials we already have at home, is there? In fact, they love these types of toys, as they are animals that are very easily pleased. In this video, you will learn how to make 3 super easy toys with accessible and cheap materials to give your felines.

13. Mustache Scratcher


This is another massage object option for your kitten: a brush that gets stuck in corners of walls or furniture. Going back to the “scrub-scrub” habit of cats, one of the body parts they use the most to do this is the face, specifically the whisker area.

This is because they have several scent glands on their heads, spread all over their face, up to their necks. So when the cat rubs its face on an object, it leaves its scent there, thanks to the hormones secreted by the glands. For this reason, this toy is a hit in the cat world.

There is a model sold in pet shops and specialty stores, which is usually a little expensive. But this one in the photo is a super easy and cheap homemade model to make. You will need two cleaning brushes, two small hinges, and screws and double sided adhesive tape. Attach one brush to the other with the hinges using a screwdriver.

Afterwards, glue the adhesive tapes to the two brushes and affix the piece to the sides of the table foot, close to the floor. It’s also possible to do without the hinges, just sticking a brush on each side of the table leg, and it’s even easier.

14. Boxes


With a simple box you can make your kitten very happy. So, instead of investing a lot of money in expensive pet store products, reuse a box and make your friend super satisfied. You can offer normal boxes, without making any changes to them, or create other toys, as shown above.

It is also possible to use the closed box and make openings for them to enter. You can use ordinary cardboard box, shoe box, pizza box, gift box, wooden boxes, crates, etc.

15. Walkthrough: puff with mushroom scratcher

Here, we have another option that, in addition to pleasing the cat, also helps to give a special touch to the decor. This scratching mushroom puff is super cute and is both for the kitten to rest and to sharpen the nails. Check out the walkthroughs and tips in the video and bring joy to your best friend!

16. Window walk


This window bed is a great alternative for kittens that live in apartments. They love to watch the street, so they tend to sit on the windowsills. But, as these spaces are usually tight and they are squeezed, you can use this walk made especially for them to enjoy the view outside, get some sun and, of course, sleep a lot.

It comes with suction cups, which allows it to be securely attached to the glass of windows or doors. There are several models, colors, prints and sizes available on the market. But don’t forget: all windows in the house must be screened.

17. Ball


Despite being a more attractive toy for dogs, cats are also very fond of balls. There are several types, there are those little ones that jump high, known as “frog” or “pula-pula”; rubber ones, which are great for biting and scratching; and also more modern models that come with bells, feathers, string and even catnip, the famous cat weed. It is also possible to make simple little balls at home, out of crumpled paper, crochet or with an old sock, they love it!

18. Walkthrough: feline mobile

This idea is really cool! Since cats love hanging things, how about making a mobile just for them? And even better, without spending anything! This video will teach you how to make several models of this super cool toy for felines, which were made with accessible materials and which we usually have at home.

19. Walkway or bridge


Another super fun option to satisfy the desire for kittens are the catwalks and bridges. They are placed high up on the wall and can be fixed in just one corner or go through different rooms in the house. You can even complement it with shelves, niches and scrapers, transforming your wall into an amusement park for the cats.

For those who have woodworking skills, you can make this object at home. Just use wooden boards and chains. But there are also many options and models of walkways and bridges available for sale in the pet market.

20. Soap bubbles


Cats are usually very fond of this game and go crazy chasing the balls. This is such a cheap and easy-to-find toy option that it’s well worth trying it out to see if your kitten likes it.

But it’s important not to drop the bubbles too close to their faces and be careful with their eyes so that no soap gets inside. There are even specific brands for pets, which increases security even more.

21. Walkthrough: ball maze

This is another super easy and cheap DIY for you to make and give your kitten: a polka dot maze made from a cardboard box. Cats love this type of toy, as they are inquisitive, inquisitive animals and love to explore new territories.

With this game, he is entertained, stimulates his curiosity, his hunting instinct and also his visual and tactical perception. In addition, it is a great toy option for the cat to play alone, ideal to keep the pet active during your absence.

23. Niches


Placing niches in your home is a great alternative for fun for your kittens. This is one of the most creative options as there are many templates and many possible ways to use them. There are niches that are attached to the top of the wall, and that serve both for them to climb and rest.

There are niches that are on the ground, and that can also be replaced by vases, baskets, crates and any other object they can enter. Another option is to use a piece of furniture full of niches and reserve some (or all) for the kittens.

24. Catnip


Catnip is popularly known as cat weed and is quite famous for its stimulating effects. Its leaves have a substance that acts on the cat’s brain and causes changes in their behavior. Because of this, it ends up providing many moments of fun for your kitten, which can make him more agitated.

This herb also helps relieve the stress of very active cats, who are constantly scratching and damaging objects in the house, and it can also act as a stimulant for very listless and despondent kittens. The effect lasts for about ten minutes. Contrary to what many people think, it is not harmful to health and not addictive.

In fact, many cat toys are already filled with catnip. But you can also buy it at pet stores and specialty stores to grow at home.

25. Step by step: two-story furniture with baskets

There are many models of cat furniture for sale, but these items are often very expensive. So how about learning to make one of these yourself for your kitten? With this video, you learn how to make a two-story piece of furniture with wicker baskets and other very cheap materials. It’s so cute!

26. Plush


Plush toys are also a good toy alternative for cats, as they are cuddly and soft. So they can bite, scratch and hug at will. In addition to the classic little animals, you can also find little monsters, like the one in the photo, flowers, smiles and even stuffed toys in the shape of cookies, donuts, sushi, etc. Some even come stuffed with catnip.

27. Spring


Springs are very attractive toys for cats, as they love things that move and jump. There are several models in pet shops, but you can also make one at home. It can be with large notebook spirals, but you have to be very careful with the ends. The ideal is to make a cover with some fabric or string. The one in the photo, for example, is covered with suede.

It is also possible to use those springs for children, which were very successful in the 90s. In stores you can still find several types of toys that have springs, such as those that are stuck in a base and every time the kitten hits, they move. Some come with props and polka dots.

28. Walkthrough: 4 toys made with toilet paper roll

Do you have a cat at home and throw away the toilet paper roll? Do not do that again! Use this material to create toys for your pets. In this video, you will learn how to make 4 different and creative toys with rollers. You can be sure your cats will love it!

29. Cushion


If you have cats, you’ve probably noticed that they have the habit of fluffing their paws on blankets and pillows or even on their owners’ bodies, right? And one of the places they most like to do this is, precisely, in fluffy and soft objects, like pillows. So, you can offer several fluffy and cozy pillows for your kittens and make them even happier.

30. Pompom


Another great idea is to give your cat a pompom to play with! To make it at home, you just need a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. The first step is to wrap the wool around your hand, holding one end with your finger. Once you have considerable volume, take it out of your hand, cut the thread and tie it in half.

To keep it tight, you can take one more strand of wool and tie another knot. Then just cut the curves to open and the pompom is ready! It is also possible to make with string. You can even tie it on a string, stick or ribbons to make the toy even more attractive.

31. Step by step: Bottle of snacks

A great way to encourage cats to play more is through snacks. You can make various kinds of toys with treats inside so that they try to catch and thus exercise more. In the video above, it was made with a small plastic bottle and some colored feathers. Learn step by step!

32. Shoelace


Cats love shoelaces! So save some just for them, and you won’t risk them ruining your shoes. A nice tip is to tie a shoelace to the other, making a braid. If each one is a different color, it’s even prettier. Another option is to grab a shoelace and drag it around the house, walking or running. Cats can’t resist this, so you can invent a feline tag.

33. Activities Mat


This activity mat is a very nice option for your cat to play. He has fun and even stimulates the joints when trying to catch the little toys that are left hanging. This toy can also be made at home with wire, then just line it with the fabric and hang the balls, pompoms, mice and whatever else you want.

34. Step by step: shirt made with a shirt

Do you want to learn how to make a hole for your kitten completely homemade? So, check out the video above, which teaches you how to step by step. It already separates that old shirt that you no longer wear to start getting your hands dirty. Your cat will love having a den all to himself that even comes with the scent of your clothes!

35. Cork stoppers


Cats love to play with corks! You can wear them without anything or decorate them with colored wool, for example. Another very good alternative is to tie feathers, they fascinate the cats.

Another excellent option is to put catnip in the corks. To make, boil water in a pan with a little catnip inside. Place a sieve over the pan with the corks inside and let the water boil for 3 to 5 minutes, until they absorb the catnip vapors well.

36. Shuttlecock


As we mentioned before, cats love feathers! So why not give them a shuttlecock to play with? In fact, there are already some models for them, made with polka dots and other creative shapes. Any other toy with plenty of colored feathers or feathers is also worth it. And if you want to take a risk, it’s even worth trying to play with a dust mop.

37. Walkthrough: 2 easy and cheap toys with straw and tape

In this video, you will learn how to make two super easy and fast toys to play with your kitten. Cats love toys to interact with their owners, so spend more time with your pet and make it even happier.

38. Crochet


Crochet toys are great options for your kittens, as they are graceful, soft, and warm and also provide an interesting texture, due to the holes in the stitches. There are many possibilities for toys made with this sewing technique, and if you know how to sew, you can create an even more special toy for your kitten.

39. Ball hourglass


The base of an hourglass became a toy to pick up a ball! It’s super easy to make, if you have an hourglass at home, just remove the part of the glass with sand and fit a medium-sized ball so that it doesn’t go through the gap in the wood. That way, your kitten will go crazy trying to catch the ball and can still roll with the toy on the floor.

40. Walkthrough: creative house with scratcher

Cats love to play and hide! So, check out this super stylish design of a house with scratcher for the kitten! Follow the tips and step-by-step instructions to learn how to make one just like it at home.

41. Fishing in the basin


With this game, your kitten will be able to feel like a real fisherman. Take a bowl and fill it with a little water, then put a toy fish in the water and presto, the fun is guaranteed! Despite the reputation of not liking water, cats like to interact with floating objects and often also like to dip their paws in water and lick it.

42. Paper bags


Most cats love to hide in paper bags, especially bread bags. They also like to jump on top, especially the ones that make a lot of noise. To make the game even more interesting, you can even customize the bag by cutting the bottom to allow the cat to pass inside. Or, you can also hide a toy.

Another option is the gift bags, but be very careful as plastic bags can suffocate the kitten, always monitor when he is playing and then hide the bag in a place that he has no access. And never use grocery bags!

43. Walkthrough: secret box

If you want a super creative and different toy for your cat, how about this surprise box? This is a super interesting project and will stimulate your kitten a lot. And the amazing thing is that you basically just need cardboard boxes and some tools. This is another super cool option for you and him to play together!

44. Pen and pencil


That cats like to play with the most unusual objects we already know, but did you know that most of them love to play with pens and pencils? Yeah, they like to tap their paws to see them rolling around on the floor and are able to have hours of fun doing it.

So you can remove the ink cartridge from the pens you no longer use and use them to amuse your pussy! This is proof that such simple things can guarantee their joy.

45. Complete Playground


If you live in a big, spacious environment, you can create a real playground for your cats. In this photo, the office was all equipped with small stairs on the wall, shelves and high walkways, scratching posts on the pillar and niches in the floor. This is a more costly and laborious option, but for those who have a lot of cats, it is worth transforming and adapting the house to provide greater comfort for their pets.

So, did you like our suggestions? Homemade cat toys can be as much fun as a wild goose chase. Test the options and find out what types of toys your cat likes the most to keep him entertained. Surrounded by love and fun, he lets go of stress and lives much happier!