Nowadays, it has become more and more common to design modern houses and apartments with small rooms. However, contrary to what most people think, lack of space does not need to be seen as a problem, after all there are some decoration tricks that help to expand the environment and make it much more functional and practical for everyday life. .


First of all, you should keep in mind that lighter and neutral tones such as white, off white and beige are much better options than darker ones as they provide a much larger sense of space than real ones. With the bright environment, you can add color to small details in the room, such as bed linen, decorative objects, pictures, rugs, pillows, curtains, among others.

Also, if the idea is not to occupy the entire room with just one bed, bet on a smaller size and take advantage of the space with functional furniture that is useful for the environment, such as a small nightstand, a bed with drawers, hanging shelves that take up no space and light fixtures on the ceiling.

Another key tip is to place as many mirrors as possible in the room, such as on closet doors, for example, as they give a feeling of depth and give the illusion that the room is a bigger size.

Below we list 100 different small rooms for you to be inspired and rock your home decor. Follow:

Small double room

Here you can see some photos of small double rooms, all with very nice decorations and different styles.

1. A headboard that makes all the difference

The decoration of this small double room is simple, but extremely charming and delicate, as it has super nice details such as the wooden headboard between the side mirrors, considered the biggest highlight of the room, the colorful frame, the fur rug and the ottoman white at the foot of the bed, in addition to the nightstands with lampshade, which follow the clean style of the wallpaper.

2. Young atmosphere with modern items


For those who like a very modern decor, this is an inspiration for a super beautiful and different double room, as it replaces the traditional nightstand beside the bed with a green barrel, has a lighted sign and assorted cartoons to decorate the wall and affixed to a neutral color for the headboard.

3. Predominance of B&W

With a very contemporary style, this double room predominates in black and white and is extremely cozy. For the wall, ceiling and cabinets, white was used. Black, on the other hand, is present in details such as the chandelier, bed linen and decorative items such as picture frames.

4. Clean and sophisticated environment

Is there a more elegant and sophisticated double room than this one? Although small, the room is super comfortable and perfect for a new and modern apartment, as it has recessed lighting, two nightstands, queen bed and a wardrobe in copper tones.

5. Graphite tones that ensure modernity in the room

How about this double room designed with concrete in graphite tones? The result is a cozy and modern environment that makes a great combination with different colors, such as the whites on the bed linen, which help to brighten up the bed. In addition, the charm is also due to the mirrors added on the side of the headboard and in the niches above the bed.

6. Elegant elements that contrast perfectly

Simply wonderful, this small double room has elements such as leather and a bronze mirror, which harmoniously contrast with the nuances of beige present throughout the environment. The highlight here is the recessed lighting, the pendants above the nightstands and the personalized headboard.


7. Mirrors help to magnify the environment


With a simple and very elegant design, this project is in super good taste and bets on mirrors on the cabinet doors to bring more beauty and also a feeling of greater amplitude to the environment. The predominant color is beige, which is neutral and blends well with the white of the ceiling.

8. Neutral tones with a splash of color

9. Modern room with integrated bathroom

10. Butterfly panel full of charm

11. Double room with light colors and straight lines

12. Highlight for niches and headboard

13. Clean, elegant and modern environment

14. Sophisticated room with shades of gray and black


Young singles room

In this topic you will find inspirations from the rooms of young singles, some simpler and others more cool. Which one do you identify with the most?

15. Room with soft colors

In this small and simple room, soft colors predominate, such as white on the nightstand, walls, window and bedding, as well as gray on the charming headboard and the support furniture with a type of wooden sheet, which it’s great for supporting decorative items such as flower vases and frames.

16. Ladies Room with Passionate Details

room for a single young woman, as it is super feminine and has incredible details, such as the desk made with a hollow drawer and glass top, which in addition to making everyday life easier. -day, makes the environment much more charming and organized, with everything and its place.

17. Small, cool and colorful

How about combining different colors to create a cool atmosphere in the bedroom? There are shades of blue, yellow, red, green, purple, pink, white and many others that are present both in bed linen and in decor items, such as paintings on the walls.

18. Stylish Room


Ideal for a cool single who likes modern environments, this is a small room full of style, in which different shades of brown predominate (present on the bed, carpet and wall) and also has colorful comics that make all the difference in the decoration.

19. Lighting as a highlight of the environment

This beautiful small room for young singles is full of charm and features items that make all the difference in the decoration of the room. One of them is the lighting, which was made with LED tape under the bed and guarantees a super cool effect. The aqua green chair in a different model helps to bring even more beauty to the room.

20. Girls’ bedroom with shades of pink

Young girl’s bedroom in different shades of pink, fend and a mix of tailoring prints. The low bedside table next to the bed is simple and off white, a neutral color that matches the curtain, floor and larger furniture.

21. Dog walk matching

What do you think of this small bedroom project that combines the dog bed with the rest of the room decoration? The main bed is above a wooden platform, which makes the room super charming and cozy.

22. Super charming geometric details

For a modern, young and sophisticated room, nothing better than this inspiration that bets on geometric details and neutral colors, such as black, wood and off white. In addition, two of the main highlights of the project are the cabinet with glass doors and the shelves with decorative items.

23. Pendants can be the biggest attraction of a bedroom


24. Functional room that integrates spaces


25. Clean environment with mirrored details

26. Female suite with upholstered headboard

27. Luxurious environment with black accents

28. White furniture and niches that make the room light

29. Different textures and colors for single bedroom

30. Predominance of black and white tones with blue accents

31. Modern and wonderful design

Small teenager’s room

They are special small rooms for teenagers, with innovative layouts and lots of interesting ideas!

32. Seabed as the main theme

For lovers of the sea, this is a great bedroom inspiration, as the project was created with the theme of the seabed, from the comics with drawings related to the subject, to the blue pillows, the wallpaper that simulates waves and the decorative wooden plank.

33. Delicate and feminine pastel shades

This little room is very feminine and has delicate pastel tones, ranging from blue, pink and yellow and are present in small details. The highlight of this charming project is the superimposed paintings on the wall, all very beautiful and with colorful borders.

34. Small room with space for all functions

Despite having only 5 square meters, this small room is very functional, and in it you will find everything you need. Perfect for teenage boys due to the wallpaper of strollers, white and green colors predominate in the space and also bet on mirrored furniture.

35. Boy’s room with study table

This is another example of a room that bets on mirrors to give a greater feeling of spaciousness to the environment, this time present in the closets. The checkered wallpaper gains an extra charm with the presence of paintings and decorations, all in neutral and cozy colors.

36. Different colors and shapes that ensure modernity

How about this idea of ​​designing different niches with different colors and geometric shapes? They are squares and rectangles of varying sizes in red, blue, yellow, green and purple, perfect for storing books or supporting any decor item. The lighting is built-in and the rest of the furniture is predominantly white.

37. Men’s room with youthful and simple decor

This room has a super cool decor for young boys. Among its highlights are the walls covered and painted in gray, the glass study table, the sneakers hanging as a decorative item and the wooden bench.

38. A simply lovely wallpaper

In addition to the wonderful and enthralling wallpaper, which forms delicate designs through small polka dots, this feminine room has super nice details, such as the pictures and decorations on the wall, the wires with decorative lights, the discreet niche under the bed to store different things. Objects and the small bedside table.

39. Modern bedroom with a beautiful composition


40. Wood details help give a rustic feel

41. Romantic airs with pink and blue details

42. Smooth and relaxed composition with pastel colors and wood


43. Room with a simple and functional platform

44. Striped wallpaper that matches the tone of the furniture

45. Modern and cheerful decoration for a boy’s room

Kids’ room

How about a very functional and practical children’s room? For them, it’s really cool to invest in different themes, fun wallpapers and colorful objects.

46. ​​Wallpaper with alphabet letters

How about this little children’s room in which light tones predominate and only highlights the color blue? Despite being simple and small, it is comfortable and has very cute details, such as the alphabet letter wallpaper and the white comics with laser cutouts.

47. Personalized and colorful little room

This child’s room is super charming and simply charming, as it is all personalized and has several cheerful colors. The highlight is undoubtedly the wooden shelves that imitate a tree above the bed, in addition to the bird drawings on the walls and small details such as the wire with decorative lights.

48. The basketball hoop makes all the difference in decor

Have friends over to sleep or play basketball? This is a super fun male children’s room that every child will love! Wooden floors and bedding mimic a basketball court, and the hoop complements the decor with style.

49. Wall decorated with soccer balls

This is another little boy’s room with a very fun and cool male theme! The soccer balls attached to the wall are the main attraction of the room, but the shelves with colorful books and pillows on the bed also help to make the room even more charming and pleasant.

50. Stickers are perfect to replace wallpaper

For kids who love fun facts about the universe, how about this idea: a planet sticker that easily replaces traditional wallpaper? In addition to it, the room’s highlight is also the wooden bookcase, which has a super charming design.

51. Colorful and delicate lamps on top of the crib

In this baby’s room, you can find several super charming details, such as the small colored lamps on top of the crib, the wallpaper with delicate designs, the shelf near the ceiling with a little yellow highlighted space and the blue carpet with super stars fluffy and cozy.

52. Charming environment with custom wallpaper

53. Shades of pink for a small, feminine room

54. Nautical-themed Boys’ Room

55. Fun bed that imitates a house

56. Cozy room that predominates in blue

57. Suspended bed helps to optimize space

58. How about this custom library headboard?

59. Trolley-shaped male bed

60. Highlight for super charming pendants

Small baby room

A baby’s room should always be very cozy and pleasant. Be sure to bet on functional furniture, pastel colors, delicate wallpaper and charming decorations.

61. Dream room for a little girl

This room combines different textures and colors in an extremely delicate way. There are super cute details in pink and blue present in items such as curtains, shelves and pillows, assorted prints and pompoms, as well as small decorations such as the comic book and the little eyes.

62. Recessed lighting and mirrored details

For this men’s room, the bet was on very modern recessed lighting, mirrored details that help to give a feeling of greater amplitude in the environment, shades of blue and white on the walls, niches and bedding, as well as wallpaper of carts.

63. Blue balloon room

Another option for a small baby room in which neutral colors predominate, with a balloon theme. White is present on the walls, ceiling, crib and nightstand. The blue is found in the details of the environment, such as the furniture for clothes, the rug, the chair and the decorative balloons.

64. Simple decorations bring all the charm of the space

Tiny, charming and super cozy, this baby room has enthralling details, such as the personalized comic on the light wood wall, the teddy bear ornament hanging from the white curtains and the little blue bed linen bows that are attached throughout the crib.

65. Super cozy indirect light clouds

For a baby’s room, one of the best alternatives is to bet on chandeliers with indirect light, which make the environment just right and much cozier. Here, it was used in the shape of clouds, which are super charming and blend in perfectly with the rest of the decor.

66. Aqua-green crib as the main feature of the bedroom

When the room is small and simple, the ideal is that you bet on outstanding items so that the environment is very charming. In the case of this room, the highlight goes to the aqua-green crib with white bedding, in addition to the lamp, the wallpaper with delicate designs and also the initial of the owner’s name, the room

67. A colorful armchair helps to decorate the room

This is a children’s room project full of fun and very nice details, such as the wooden crib different from the traditional models, the shelves and colorful niches to store books or toys, the wall decorations, the stuffed animals and the striking yellow armchair.

68. Romantic and feminine wallpapers

69. Baby room in navy, beige and white

70. Clean environment with neutral and simple tones

71. Girl’s room with lovely decorations

72. Yellow panel with cozy indirect light

73. Very light shades for a delicate feminine bedroom

74. Animal ornaments are always a great option

Shared room

When the room is going to be shared by two or more children, the space must be further optimized. A good alternative is to bet on suspended beds or bunk beds!

75. Comfortable bedroom for two boys

This shared room for two boys is simple but extremely charming. The geometrically shaped niches on the walls range from wood in its natural tone to yellow and blue colors, which combine beautifully with the colorful stripes of the wallpaper and follow the same tones as the pillows and nightstand.

76. Combination of subtle and cheerful colors

The color palette of this shared children’s room combines gray and white, colors that are the basis of the project, with blue and yellow, which are the most vibrant tones responsible for the contrast and joy of the environment. Furthermore, the idea of ​​one bed under another is excellent for optimizing space.

77. The stripes give an impression of spaciousness to the room

As it is a very small shared room, the project bets on alternatives that help to give a feeling of greater amplitude, such as striped wallpaper and colors that bring clarity and joy. The navy blue headboard gains all its charm with the presence of the red table in the front.

78. Personalized room for triplets

This is another super cool inspiration of a children’s room designed with the universe theme, as it has planet stickers both on the wall and headboards, as well as on the ceiling. Furthermore, the round niches are also pure charm. Perfect for three siblings who love playful games, when they vow to travel to space or another dimension!

79. Super modern and charming double crib

Ideal for moms with twin children, this is a shared room for two babies, as it has a super modern and extremely charming double crib, with its innovative design and vibrant yellow color. For contrast, the polka dot wallpaper has a very soft blue color.

80. Double bunk to optimize room space

To greatly optimize the space of a shared children’s room, nothing better than betting on bunk beds, which, in addition to being functional, can also be customized and have different designs. Here the furniture is made of wood and perfectly matches the orange wallpaper.

81. Unisex Decor Items

This is a great option for a shared room for a couple of brothers, as it has a simple decoration with both male and female items. For him, a blue bed with guitar pillows. For her, a pink bed with pillows in delicate prints.

82. Functional and elegant room

83. Playground-style room for three children

84. Wooden details that give a rustic touch to the corner of the fantastic female quartet

85. Simple environment with a beautiful color harmony

86. The mix of Indian prints stands out in this girls’ room

87. Twin room with modern elements

88. Special suite for adventurous boys

Small guest room

Whether it’s a home office with a bed for guests or a room designed especially for guests, this environment must also have its space optimized. For this, it is valid to bet on small furniture, sofa beds and mirrors.

89. Basic color contrast on walls

The design of this guest room is simple but offers plenty of comfort and charm. The wall at the head of the bed was made in graphite color, which helps to highlight the decorative squares, and the side in white, to give a break in tones and bring lighter to the environment.

90. Modern and sophisticated guest room

Compact, modern and charming, this guest room makes guests feel very welcome. Designed in clean colors, such as white, off white and woody tones, its biggest highlight is the large frame on the side wall, with vibrant colors that bring joy to the environment.

91. Super stylish atmosphere with cool decor

For this extremely stylish and cool guest room, the bet was on a differentiated decor, with a sofa bed with space underneath to store guests’ bags, small comics on the side walls, delicate wallpaper in pink tones, in addition to hooks on the wall to store bags and small accessories.

92. Home office reversible for guest room

With a predominance of light and neutral tones for a very clean environment, this home office is also a pleasant guest room, which gains all its charm with the presence of the blue color present in the chair, pillows and details on the decoration table.

93. Sofa bed perfect for a small space

This is another very nice inspiration for a small room that is a home office and also a guest bedroom. Designed in light colors in a modern style, the space has an amazing blue sofa bed that, when opened, is very large and comfortable.

94. Charming composition of prints and textures

95. Cozy room with optimized space

96. Bed on top of a custom wooden box

97. Beautiful wood composition with mint green

98. Room featuring framed guitars

99. Neutral tones that harmonize perfectly in the environment

100. Chest at the foot of the bed: pure charm!

What did you think of these incredible inspirations? There are varied options, for all tastes and budgets, and that will definitely help you make the small rooms in your house much more beautiful, welcoming, and practical and with a feeling of a larger size, not to mention the great ideas and inspirations of the combination of colors, textures, decoration and innovative designs.